Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Company

Lantz Elite Carpentry & Construction Inc. is pleased to be operating in it's sixth year of business. Owner and crew leader Justin Lantz continues to built teams of hard working, skilled professionals that are dedicated to a high quality standard with continuous follow through that builders and clients can rely on. This is a company proud to have a foundation that serves and strengthens the construction industry and it's consumers through integral business practices. We intend for our name to represent high quality standards, timeliness, competitive pricing, strong customer and vendor relations, and warranties that back each project and reflect confidence and professionalism.

When it comes to your investment, select a company with a proven record of excellence, great community relationships and a thorough understanding of the industry. We're here to serve you in making your next investment a success-Lantz Elite Carpentry & Construction, Inc.

Friday, August 14, 2009

9 Homes in 9 Days!

LECC Inc. is a proud sponsor of 9 homes in 9 days. A Hubbell Realty Company Extreme project for Anawim Housing.

Beginning September 9, 2009 Hubbell, partnering with numerous sponsors and volunteers, will construct a 1.5 million dollar nine-plex for nine deserving families in Des Moines.

Owner and President of Lantz Elite Carpentry & Construction Inc. (LECC), Justin Lantz says "He's thrilled to be part of something that strengthens this community, and is proud to have such a great team of carpenters working with him to help make it happen"

LECC Inc. trim crew began work at 7pm on September 13th, and wrapped the job up at 3:30am on September 14th.