Friday, August 14, 2009

9 Homes in 9 Days!

LECC Inc. is a proud sponsor of 9 homes in 9 days. A Hubbell Realty Company Extreme project for Anawim Housing.

Beginning September 9, 2009 Hubbell, partnering with numerous sponsors and volunteers, will construct a 1.5 million dollar nine-plex for nine deserving families in Des Moines.

Owner and President of Lantz Elite Carpentry & Construction Inc. (LECC), Justin Lantz says "He's thrilled to be part of something that strengthens this community, and is proud to have such a great team of carpenters working with him to help make it happen"

LECC Inc. trim crew began work at 7pm on September 13th, and wrapped the job up at 3:30am on September 14th.

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